A private walk can be a wonderful way to get together with a group of friends, bond with your neighbors or community group, or go on a unique family outing. Or, take your work team or volunteer group outdoors for a change of pace, to show appreciation for their hard work and connect in a relaxing, restorative space away from the daily grind.  

Did you know that experiential gifts have been shown to make people feel happier and more connected than gifting material items? Give yourself or your group the gift of a guided nature connection experience, and let the forest work its magic from there!

I offer private group walks for adults both in-person and virtually, and private family walks for adults and children ages 10 and up. We will work together to choose a time and place that works best for you and your group. Walks last about 2-3 hours depending on your group size. Click here for more information in our FAQs.

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Private group walks (adults 18+ only):

Starting at $40 per person.

Minimum group size of 3 people.

Can accommodate larger groups, longer sessions, and an optional talk on forest therapy for a corporate or organizational retreat or team-building outing. 

Private family GROUP walks (ages 10+):

Flat fee of $200 for first four family members, $25 per each additional person.

Minimum group size of 4 people.

Private virtually-guided group walks (adults 18+ only):

$25 per person per session.

Minimum group size 4 people.

Public walks:

Pricing varies. Click here for the Events Calendar of upcoming public walks.



“This gave me the opportunity to slow down and get out of my head and into my body. I definitely feel more relaxed, and also open-hearted and more curious.”

AUDREY, FOREST bathing participant


“To have such an experience in my own yard and with others I never met was incredible. I would gift others with this in the future. Our guide was so amazing and that she really brought a welcoming, safe, compassionate experience to the group.”



“In a post-COVID landscape, while we are all attempting to reintegrate into society and share space with loved ones & strangers, forest bathing with Fru was a beautiful, peaceful solo/group activity that increased my sense of wellbeing and connection with others. It was wonderful to join in remotely with a group and collectively/individually commune with nature and myself. Sharing space and energy in this way felt healthy and safe. Highly recommended.”



“That was wonderful! It was like church mixed with yoga mixed with therapy.”

– Andrea, forest bathing participant


“Forest therapy walks are so regenerative and soothing. I feel genuinely de-stressed, energized, and in a better mood. And, Fru is an amazing guide! She is very welcoming and fun and made it easy to relax into the experience.”

– Evan, forest bathing participant

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